Big Bend National Park Hiking

Big Bend National Park is a true paradise for visitors who want to hike in the largest tracts of public lands, where there are no noisy roads, this nature sanctuary is located in Texas, with just over 150 miles of trails that allow you to enjoy Big Bend National Park Hiking.

In this park, you will find great alternatives for day hikes, backpacking trips, the different topographies have terrain reaching elevations between 1,800 feet all the way up the Rio Grande and reaching 7,832 feet at Emory Peak, the Chisos Mountains.

There is a varied and extensive range of vegetation and rich fauna, produced by the diversity of the topographic elevations, which provides majestic landscapes, appropriate for days of Big Bend National Park Hiking.

It is necessary to take into account certain aspects, to make Big Bend National Park Hiking you can not take pets since among the rules of the park are not allowed, groups with more than 30 people, to make Big Bend National Park Hiking, must be divided and make different routes for different trails, this rule seeks to protect the serenity and solitude of the trails, which are one of its attractions.

Through the Chisos Mountains, you can find the paths to spend a day full of serenity, walking in its meadows and slopes between majestic shades of green of the mountains and the blues of the sky, find tracks and even droppings of black bears, foxes, grizzlies, squirrel mountain lions and white-tailed deer, all these species so common in this wonderful place. Read more »

Texas Large Mouth Bass Fishing

Texas is home to many hot spots for largemouth bass fishing. According to, the top 5 best fishing spots in Texas are Lake Sam Rayburn, Lake Allen Henry, Lake Fork, Falcon Lake, and Choke Canyon Reservoir.

All of these are large bodies of water and wildly popular among avid fishermen. Lake Fork is at its peak in the Spring, Fall, and Winter, while Choke Canyon Reservoir is known for having Largemouth Bass that exceed average weight.

Lake Alan Henry is the only lake in Texas where one can find Alabama Bass. Falcon Lake is known for its abundance of Bass, making it the best spot for an easy catch, but Sam Rayburn Lake is the most popular tournament spot among professional fishermen.

Each of these bodies of fresh water is known for its own unique fishing qualities and experience. The largemouth bass is the most popular freshwater sport fish in the state of Texas.

These sizable fish can be caught just about anywhere, even in Florida. If there is a fresh body of water, there is likely Largemouth Bass to be found and caught. Largemouth bass can go from 4 inches to 16 inches in just 3 years, making them some of the biggest prize fish in Texas.

They are the top predators in the aquatics ecosystem, excluding humans, with jaws that can go well past their eyes. The largemouth bass is the most wanted freshwater fish in Texas and are valued for their quality as food. Read more »

Palo Duro Canyon State Park

Palo Duro Canyon State Park is now the second-largest canyon in the United States, which means there is plenty of guaranteed outdoor fun, in Palo Duro Canyon State Park there are up to 800 feet deep, has an area of 30,000 acres, of which about 15,000 are trails where you can make great hiking adventures, and enjoy pedaling a bicycle.

This canyon is less than a million years old, an old river cut its way between the rocks and the High Plains of the and Southern High Plains, this geologic history dates back 250 million years, now clearly seen layer by layer, giving way to a panoramic view layer by layer, giving way to a panoramic view with magnificent colors.

In the canyon, there are archaeological and ethnological treasures describing the twelve thousand years since humans occupied the land.

Here you can experience great moments of adrenaline rushing on pulleys attached to cables through the canyon, which will take you to the limit of emotion, in Palo Duro Canyon State Park is a place where erosion shapes the land, in this place four bioregions intersect, in Palo Duro Canyon meet and confront cultures in constant change. Read more »

Texas RV Road Trips

Texas is a state awarded by nature, with beautiful places to enjoy, so doing Texas RV Road Trips is an adventure, forests full of mysterious vegetation, high mountains, lush beaches, and majestic deserts make up a diversity rarely found in other latitudes.


It is a state where you can also find attractive cities like Austin, San Antonio, or Houston, to name a few, the Texas RV Road Trips are propitious to spend fantastic days knowing the Texan wonders, places like Dinosaur Valley State-Park, where you can walk through trails seeing dinosaur footprints dating back more than 113 million years, you can camp in your RV for $25, and you will have access to water and electricity connections.


If you take kids on the Texas RV Road Trips don’t miss Moody Gardens, there you will find three pyramid attractions, a large aquarium, a rainforest with abundant wildlife and great vegetation, and the pyramid of discovery a monument to science, there is a golf course, white sand beaches with gardens. Read more »

Equipped to Enjoy

Do you enjoy spending your leisure time with nature? Perhaps, wanting and enjoying serenity and calmness the bodies of water bring? If so, then you must consider fishing as your recreation.

Fishing, as a recreation in specific, involves catching fish primarily or just waiting for a fish to bite the bait while savoring the fresh and cold wind from nature. Of course, fishing is fun. With enough and the right fishing equipment, you are good to go.

Fishing equipment includes a fishing rod and a fishing hook, fishing bait, boats(if you prefer to sail), buckets, coolers. These are the basic equipment but fishers can consider bringing chairs, gloves, knives, bandana, and boots. Read more »

Texas Outdoors

If you are looking for Texas Outdoors activities, you should know that the options are multiple, besides fantastic, 10-mile tours on electric bicycles in the city of Katy, along roads that pass through Cross-Creek Ranch Boulevard west of the city, enjoying beautiful landscapes with wildflowers, crystal clear streams, at the end of the tour live an experience where you can taste a variety of cheeses and excellent wines.

Live Texas Outdoors in Laredo where you can take scuba diving and swimming lessons, have fun at Lake Fork in the town of Yantis, riding famous retired racehorses, see Lewisville Lake in a new light, paddle in the afternoon from two to three hours, and sail under the moonlight in the city of Argyle. Read more »

Hiking Poles

Every day that passes, the number of people who decide to practice mountaineering or hiking increases considerably, thus increasing the use of implements and tools for this practice, such as Hiking Poles, which are necessary accessories when we go into mountainous roads, allow help to maintain stability on roads with very uneven terrain.

The Hiking Poles avoid overloading the lower body and reduce the risk of injury to ankles and knees, with these tools, using the pectorals help distribute the load of the body to the upper trunk, with the use of Hiking Poles, more points of support are achieved in the body, when it comes to climbs offer two additional using the strength of the abdomen up, and provide a lot of security for downhill with a lot of inclination.

In slippery terrain conditions, mud, snow, or loose rocks provide a lot of traction, the Hiking Poles provide the possibility of improving the pace when walking on trails, and when the terrain becomes complicated when you have to cross rivers, the poles help to maintain balance without problems. Read more »

Texas National Parks

If you’re looking for a way to take a break from the chaos of your everyday life, relax, and reconnect with nature, a trip to a national park may be just the thing for you. Many states in the USA boast beautiful and truly unique national parks that are worth visiting, and Texas is not an exception.

Big Bend and the Guadalupe Mountains are the two national parks in Texas. Both are located in the western part of the state and feature unique geological formations, hiking trails, historic sites, and a rich variety of flora and fauna. Although often overlooked by tourists, these Texas national parks are perfect for those who seek peace and tranquility, as well as for active holiday lovers.

Big Bend National Park borders the Rio Grande River and takes up more than 800,000 acres of land. It offers its visitors a variety of entertainments including camping, hiking, fishing, and canoeing. Bird-watching is especially popular here as the park has more than 450 species of birds. Read more »

KOA Campgrounds

KOA Campgrounds have a very clear mission, to seek a connection between people with nature, with the outdoors and share with each other, in North America, KOA has more than 500 camps, offering multiple alternatives for those seeking that wonderful adventure of contact with nature while enjoying the relaxation and the company of friends and family.

KOA Campgrounds offer friendly services and ideal amenities to allow visitors to enjoy unforgettable experiences, the standard services in all camps include:

  • KOA tents
  • Electricity
  • Rooms with capacity from 4 to 6 people
  • Double beds and bunk beds
  • Laundry
  • Bathrooms
  • Televisions
  • Grills
  • Porches and swings
  • Patios for recreation
  • Camping alternatives for groups

Read more »

Fishing tackle: everything you need to fish with success

Fishing is a sport and recreational activity that relaxes the mind and benefits health. To successfully carry out this activity it is necessary to have a complete fishing tackle. This will avoid you many problems and we will reach the goals we set for this activity.

Ideal fishing equipment contains fishing rods, bait, lures, hooks, reels, and spinners. These elements are indispensable for fishing, which are sensitive and light to facilitate this task.

As we perfect our fishing technique, we can aspire to achieve more difficult goals. That is why it is necessary to have a secondary fishing tackle that responds to your needs. Therefore, keep in mind these elements when fishing: knife, matches or lighter, flashlight, tweezers, multi-tool equipment, and fishing pot.

You should also be well equipped, so you should wear sunscreen, a hat and a waterproof jacket to protect you from the weather. Remember to carry a Moon calendar, as this satellite controls the sea and rivers.

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