A special post for a special lady

Today May 3 2021 I had to go to the Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) for a medical appointment and my intake nurse was so nice.  She and I got to talking and she shared that she loved birds and was trying to create a back yard environment that would attract more birds.  This posting is for her.

Building a “Living” bird bath.

Take a small wading pool and fill the bottom with about 2 inches of clean sand and mixed gravel and rocks.  Scatter several larger rocks around the pool in a random design of your choice.

Install a solar operated water sump pump with a float valve that has a fresh water inlet control that you can attach a hose to.  You can find one on Amazon for a reasonable price.  Make sure that you install the solar  system in a bright spot in your yard so that it will operate properly.

Add enough water to cover the pump with about 3 inches to spare, you will want to  adjust the control arm on your float valve to allow your water level to be maintained.  Follow the directions you will get with the control valve and use a little creative thinking  if needed.  I usually find a couple of wire coat hangers and a hot glue gun handy when making minor adjustments to included directions.

Add water lilies, elevate any plant pots you put in by putting bricks formed into a flat triangle under them, include a water fountain of some kind, add small multi-colored dishes scattered throughout the pond as feeding pods.  Support the pods by using empty 2 liter soda bottles filled with sand.  Glue the plates to the bottle caps with hot glue and decorate your pond with a wide spectrum of colored platters of temptations on your buffet for the birds.  Put small gold fish and catfish in the water, be careful that you don’t overpopulate the fish, they will keep the water clean and add character to your pool.  Elephant ear plants and other water friendly plants will also add to your enjoyment of your “bird” bath.

Do you have a special request for help with a backyard project such as a garden?  Leave a note for me and I will try to help.


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