Are all old fishermen liars?

When old fishermen get together they always talk about the fish that they either caught, almost caught or are going to catch.  The only thing is, the longer the day wears on – the bigger the fish stories get.  I love to sit and talk with my buddies.  We can remanence with each other and create mental pictures of boats, fishing rods and the wide open water.  Of course I have got to tell you a fishing story about the biggest fish I have ever caught.  But be warned, I am a fisherman and all fishermen are liars!


I was fishing off a pier at the Naval Air Station located in Corpus Christi in 1998.  It was while Anita and I were living there in our little house in Corpus.  It was early afternoon, I was actually not paying much attention to my rod {it was almost nap time} when I felt a tug on my line.  Of course it woke me up.  I let out a little bit of line so that the fish would take the bait and waited until the action picked up.  Once I set the hook the fun started, and the reel  went into overdrive as the rod bent and the line began to roll off the reel.

The battle lasted for about 20 minutes but it seemed like an hour.  The line stood up to the test and one of the other fisher folk had a gaff so we were able to land my fish.  It was actually a large hammerhead shark.  It was a little shy of 5 foot in length and was the biggest “fish” I had ever caught.  I never went swimming or wading in that area again.

Do you have a story to share?  Please post it here so all our friends can enjoy it. We all would like to share in the memories

Grandpa Bob


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