Fishing Tackle for Beginners

Fishing tackle refers to pretty much every last bit of kit that an angler uses when fishing. That means that fishing mainstays such as hooks, rods, and reels all qualify as fishing tackle. By the same token, other angling gear such as swivels, lines, and baits, likewise qualify. As you can see, therefore, fishing tackle is every inch a catch-all term.

As stands to reason – given its miscellaneous nature – fishing tackle can be configured in many ways. That’s not to say, however, that you can just throw combinations together willy-nilly. Not by a long chalk. There is, you see, a certain science to getting your set-up just right. To hit the nail on the head, your first step should be to identify which of the admittedly many fishing techniques best fits your needs. Once that’s settled, you can start the process of matching your fishing tackle to your chosen technique.

Since you’re probably going to want to switch between techniques pretty regularly it follows that your set-up will change just as often. To make sure that this process is as painless as possible most anglers organize their gear in a fishing tackle box. You should do likewise. Nothing, trust me, is as maddening as trying to untangle hopelessly knotted fishing lines.

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