Granpa Bob’s Baits

When I fish I often make my own baits that I take to the water’s edge.  The ones I am sharing today are ones that can be made at home before you go fishing.  These baits can be stored in dry containers and kept from trip to trip for long periods of time.  All of these “baits” are best used with Leader lines to facilitate quick changing of hooks when you  need to re-bait.


The first bait needs a single hook and is primarily for smaller fish like perch.  Take a package of Jell-O mix and make several small cubes of Jell-O.  Imbed a single hook in the center of the cubes before the Jell-O  sets.  When you mix the Jell-O add several drops of shrimp sauce to the mixture.  Keep the baits in a dry container in a cool place in the fridge until your next fishing trip.  Make several of these baits as you will need to re-bait often as you will get a lot of action.

As an alternative, you can make the cubes larger and with treble hooks to attract larger prey.  You can also experiment with other flavors of bait.  I have found that  baits made with vanilla to be highly effective when fishing for catfish!

Another handy bait recipe is sourdough biscuits baits.  As it sounds, you take sourdough biscuits, form them into small balls of dough, wind them around the fish hooks, allow the dough to rise and bake them in the oven.  Two biscuits will make a dozen baits and you can thread the hooks onto the leaders after you bake them.  These baits may be buoyant when you first use them so you will probably need to add some small weights.  These can be flavored but will work well just as is.  I use HEB brand biscuits, but I am sure any brand will do.

Some fruits work well for baits when dried.  Bananas work well but don’t last long.  Peaches may work on a rainy day and diced fresh apples will always work for perch.

The best baits are the ones that work for you, so experiment.  Share you own recipe  Please post it here and give us some tips that will help us all catch more fish!  Thanks friends…   Grandpa Bob


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