Hiking Poles

Every day that passes, the number of people who decide to practice mountaineering or hiking increases considerably, thus increasing the use of implements and tools for this practice, such as Hiking Poles, which are necessary accessories when we go into mountainous roads, allow help to maintain stability on roads with very uneven terrain.

The Hiking Poles avoid overloading the lower body and reduce the risk of injury to ankles and knees, with these tools, using the pectorals help distribute the load of the body to the upper trunk, with the use of Hiking Poles, more points of support are achieved in the body, when it comes to climbs offer two additional using the strength of the abdomen up, and provide a lot of security for downhill with a lot of inclination.

In slippery terrain conditions, mud, snow, or loose rocks provide a lot of traction, the Hiking Poles provide the possibility of improving the pace when walking on trails, and when the terrain becomes complicated when you have to cross rivers, the poles help to maintain balance without problems.

The Hiking Poles are composed of a handle, is an ergonomic area that serves to hold it can be rubber, cork, or foam, have a fastening strap called dragonera to ensure the grip, and avoid that you can lose the stick, the Rosette prevents the stick is nailed to the ground and can be exchanged, the tips are the part that makes contact with the ground, can be changed, as it is the part that is most worn, the sticks have mechanisms to lengthen or shorten them.

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