I love fishing in little creeks

Texas is a complicated state.  You can go from flat lands to towering “mountains”, dry desert to raging rivers and – tiny little creeks.  When I was young there was a creek named the Leon creek close by where I lived.   It is mostly gone now due to construction, but when I was young it was vibrant and flowing all year long.

The creek was full of all sorts of fish, craw-dads, turtles and snakes.  For a kid with a sense of adventure and a love of fishing it was paradise!  I would spend all day going up and down the creek with my rod and reel in hand, wearing my oldest pair of jeans with the pant legs stuffed into my boots.  I had to wear boots in case of  a snake bite.  I would usually take my 22 rifle with me for the snakes.  So I guess I was a replica of a “pioneer”.

My favorite bait was a grasshopper, which I had to catch prior to fishing.  My favorite prey was the Bluegill perch or a Sunfish.  I would always catch several pan-sized specimens and would regularly provide a fish buffet for my family.  If I was missing my house parents (I lived in a boys-home) knew that I was out fishing, and I never got in trouble for being “missing in action”.  Fishing was an escape for me and it kept me out of trouble.

As I grew up my enjoyment of fishing stayed with me.  When I got kids of my own, I took them fishing and camping.  And now that I have grandkids we all go fishing, and my oldest son takes his kids fishing and camping.  Do you have a story about fishing and growing up.  Please share it with us.  Your stories will help others see that it is important to make memories by doing things with family.

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“Grandpa” Bob


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