My first trip to Big Bend

I was about 14 years old, so this was back in 1968.  Yeah, I am old and my body is wearing down.  But the memories of my younger days keep me feeling young.  And Big Bend is one of those memories that I treasure.

My first trip to Big Bend was much more than a camping trip.  I met a special  girl there.  She was about 15 and she had type 1 Diabetes.  It was my first experience with tragedy. She went into a coma and had to air lifted back to San Antonio.  Her  parents had to drive back wondering if their daughter would survive the night.  I became very aware that life came with no guarantees.

But, my trip wasn’t all doom and gloom.  I also had a lot of fun.  When I was young I had a great love of climbing and collecting rocks..  Big Bend is full of rocks!  I climbed this huge hill that was about 200 feet high.  I found rocks with quartz shining in colors of purple and which would cast blazing beams of light in a rainbow of colors when turned in the path of the sun beam.

I also made a “non legal” trip into Mexico.  It was summer time, the river was  low, and I waded from Texas into Mexico.  In 1968, it was no big deal.  Just part of the Big Bend experience.

I hope to return to Big Bend one day soon.  Check back, because I will be posting about my first big fish I caught at lake  Amistad.



Do you have a story that you would like to share?  Please post it here  Telling your family’s stories  so we can all enjoy it.


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