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Camping Equipment: Basic Elements You Must Have

Camping with family and friends is a fun activity that allows us to get in touch with nature. For everything to go well, it is necessary to have the right elements. Here is the ideal camping equipment: -Water: Although it may seem obvious, many people do not carry enough water for camping. -Food: non-perishable food such as […]

To Tent or not to Tent – why ask the question?

When I was young and  used to go camping, I always had to backpack my way into the woods.  I would often have to ride a horse or a mule into the brush just to get to the camping area.  Most of the camping trips I made as a youth was in West Texas.  I […]

Must Have Camping Equipment

If you’re a first-time camper, it can be overwhelming to know what you’ll require. On top of that, you’ve to determine which items to buy, rent or take from your household supplies. Here is a compiled list of camping equipment that you should take with you on any camping trip. Tent Of course, a decent […]

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