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Fishing tackle: everything you need to fish with success

Fishing is a sport and recreational activity that relaxes the mind and benefits health. To successfully carry out this activity it is necessary to have a complete fishing tackle. This will avoid you many problems and we will reach the goals we set for this activity. Ideal fishing equipment contains fishing rods, bait, lures, hooks, reels, and […]

Surf Fishing made Easier!

One of the challenges we all have to overcome is getting our bait out to where the fish are.  If you are going to catch the “Big Ones” you have to be in the deep end of the pond.   Often, that means either fishing from a boat or wading chest deep into waters where you […]

Fishing and old men

As I began to get old – when and how I cannot explain, I found that my love of fishing grew.  It seemed that the sound of water slapping against the pier was song that my soul needed to hear.  My mind would wander as my fingers waited for the tug of a fish bite […]

Are all old fishermen liars?

When old fishermen get together they always talk about the fish that they either caught, almost caught or are going to catch.  The only thing is, the longer the day wears on – the bigger the fish stories get.  I love to sit and talk with my buddies.  We can remanence with each other and […]

Fishing with Grandpa Bob

   Fishing With Grandpa Bob   Hello, Welcome to a trip to the waters edge where you can relax and get away from the grinding, nerve wracking and soul-destroying work that you do every day.     It’s Fishing Time                                                   The first thing we gotta do is get our stuff together.   Let’s start our Inventory:  Fishing […]

Tips to Maximize Your Fishing Experience

Recreational fishing is a longstanding popular hobby, and for good reason. It provides both a peaceful escape from grueling daily life and the chance for the thrill of a nice catch. Since fishing can include long stretches without any fish biting, here are some fishing tips to reel in some big ones! Keep a good […]

Making Perch Fishing Relaxing and Rewarding

Texas perch fishing may mean different things to different people. Most people that are outside Texas know perch as a particular species of fish. In most regions in Texas, perch refers to all types of sunfishes. Most of them are warm-water species of fish and Texas had plenty of such spots, filled with all types […]

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