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Basic Hiking Equipment for Beginners

Answer me this; who doesn’t love the great outdoors? Save a handful of uber urbanites, it’s hard to think of anyone, right? Heck, if they’re really honest about it, even confirmed cosmopolitans would admit it’s hard to trump Mother Nature. Even if the admission comes through gritted teeth, the point still stands; an affinity for […]

The Eagle Flies over Big Bend

When I was young I made many trips to Big Bend, and most of the time I was hunting rocks or climbing hills. I was full of energy, wild, and angry with life. It was easier to get away by myself and think of better days to come than deal with the day-to-day reality of […]

Explore the Amazing Outdoors with Texas Hiking

This state has a lot to offer, but have you really experienced its natural beauty? When you try out Texas Hiking, you can get an even better sense of what the landscape has to offer. There are many gorgeous hiking trails available for your enjoyment. While some are more difficult than others, if you start […]

Essential Hiking Tips For Beginners

Hiking is a great low-impact exercise. Studies have disclosed that hiking offers numerous physical and mental benefits. Aside from alleviating anxiety and impeding osteoporosis, hiking is an outdoor workout that offers benefits beyond scenic and fun. Hiking involves unpredictable variables, unlike other workouts, such as walking on a paved path or treadmill. Indeed, these variables […]

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