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Equipped to Enjoy

Do you enjoy spending your leisure time with nature? Perhaps, wanting and enjoying serenity and calmness the bodies of water bring? If so, then you must consider fishing as your recreation. Fishing, as a recreation in specific, involves catching fish primarily or just waiting for a fish to bite the bait while savoring the fresh […]

A special post for a special lady

Today May 3 2021 I had to go to the Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) for a medical appointment and my intake nurse was so nice.  She and I got to talking and she shared that she loved birds and was trying to create a back yard environment that would attract more birds.  This posting […]

Benefits of Nature: Something You Can Start Enjoying Right ow

During the last few years, the popularization of the internet has made many aspects of our daily lives incredibly easy. However, this led us to lose contact with nature because everything is solved through a computer screen. We must remember that being outdoors is profoundly healthy. Here are the most important benefits of nature. -It helps […]

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