The Eagle Flies over Big Bend

When I was young I made many trips to Big Bend, and most of the time I was hunting rocks or climbing hills. I was full of energy, wild, and angry with life. It was easier to get away by myself and think of better days to come than deal with the day-to-day reality of being in a boys’ homes.

The “hard-case” kids like me were guided into high energy outlets and mine was camping fishing and hunting. I always could be found reading a “Louis Lamour” western and imagining my self as a pioneer surviving on my own. I learned how to do things that many of the “westerners” did.

Many of my trips to Big Bend left me with hours of unsupervised hikes up and down the canyons that go in and out of Big Bend. On one such occasion, I looked up into the sky and saw a huge bird flying across the sky. In my mind I saw an Eagle – Flying free and on a solo search for a meal to feed to its chicks. In reality it probably wasn’t an Eagle but to a boy who was hurting emotionally it was inspiring.

When you take your kids fishing, hunting or camping – you are making it possible for them to have a life-shaping experience.
Did you have a similar life-changing experience when you were young? Please let me share it with our friend by posting it here.

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