The Neighborhood Cats

I was living in Corpus Christi Tx in 1998 with my wife Anita.  It was shortly after I had retired from the USAF.  During this time I got to fish almost every day, which meant we ate fish most days of the week.  We lived in a nice little house in town just a mile from the water,  and  each day I would pack up my truck with my gear and drive down to my favorite fishing spot.  With a drink in one hand and a pole in the other, I would sit back and enjoy the peace that fishing brings.  Most days I went home with more fish than we could eat which meant that some fish went into the freezer and some into the  pan.

This is where the cats come in – I discovered that we had a lot of very  hungry cats in the neighborhood.  We had an orange Tom cat we called Garfield and a orange kitten we called Flash.  When I caught fish, they had a feast!  After we fed them and had our meals, the left overs went out to the back yard where it was discovered by a large collection of neglected semi-wild cats that wandered the neighborhood.  Over a period of several weeks we had a real gathering of cats contending for leftovers.  So my fishing fed the starving cats in the neighborhood.

The time in Corpus was like a honey-moon for me and my wife.  With the kids living in San Antonio, we were able to spend our time enjoying the days and nights of our “silver years”.  I loved cooking breakfast for both of us.  We would open our door and let our cats out to the front porch to socialize with their buddies.

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