To Tent or not to Tent – why ask the question?

When I was young and  used to go camping, I always had to backpack my way into the woods.  I would often have to ride a horse or a mule into the brush just to get to the camping area.  Most of the camping trips I made as a youth was in West Texas.  I lived in a boys home and we would often go into the brush, camp out for a week at a time to build fences on land that belonged to people who donated money or material to the home.  It was quite an experience for a young teen age boy, and I loved every day of it.

During my trips we mostly stayed in large canvas tents retired by the Army.  We had “C” rations for food and cots to sleep on.  The Army C “Rats” included such essentials as cigarettes’ – which is where many of the boys picked up the smoking habit.  I couldn’t stand the smell of Tabaco so I never developed the habit.  But, getting to the main question why tents?

Doing the Tent Thing is really great!  It is hard to explain the feeling you get when you wake up to nature’s song.  And, tents come in so many shapes, sizes and colors.  The pup tent is a thing of the past.  I really recommend a double  panel tent, which is one that has multiple “rooms”.  The extra weight and set-up requirements will pay you dividends in your enjoyment of your trip.

Most of the tents you get now are made of durable lightweight fabric.  And assembly is also much easier since most tents are now self supporting and engineered to be stable in high winds.  You can even get ones with Air Conditioning, electricity and heaters.  The double panel ones are good choices for sub-freezing weather conditions.  Unfortunately, many of our USA families have found that a tent can be a long-term solution to your housing needs.  But home is where your family lives, not where a particular house is.

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